Poro EX 4

EX 04 consists of a 5 liter silo and a feeding mechanism with a "spreader plate" that "snaps" the feed out, this plate can be dismantled if you want to drop the feed straight down.
EX 04 can be calibrated and with our automatic control can give exact dosages for each feeding. This entails full control of the amount of feed. An affordable alternative to belt and disc feeders.

Can be adapted to most controls.

12V or 24V supply.

Feed sizes from 0-5mm.

Poro EX 6

EX 06 is a well-proven automatic feeder with more than 25 years of experience, it is known for being robust and stable. On the EX 06, it is easy change the feeding regime during the growth process. With the EX 06, the speed of the feeder motor can be changed to adapt to the size and amount of fish. The spreading motor can also be adjusted so that the impact area of the feed is changed in length/width. Spreading range from 1 to 6 metres, adjustable as required. Supplied with 5 l, 35 l or 150 l silo and has 24 V DC motors.

Power consumption is approx. 2.5 A.
Feed size from 0-6 mm
Delivers 0 to 10 grams/sec (0-600 grams/min).

Poro EX 12

The EX 12 is the most powerful feeder for hatcheries from Poro, where both the speed of the feeding motor and the spreader motor can be varied.
It spreads from 2 to 15 m.
The feeder can be supplied with 35 l, 150 l or 360 l silos and with 12 V motors.

Power consumption approx. 4-16 A.
Feed size 2-13 mm, and delivers approx. 70-180 grams / sec.