Poro feeders for sea are made of aluminum or plastic. The 1700 liter silo is made of plastic or aluminum. The 4000 and 6000 liter silo is only available in aluminum.

Feeding mechanism

The feed is distributed by blower or with a rubber or brush ejection mechanism: MiniWind is equipped with a fan that spreads the feed. Capacity: 300 g/s (1080kg/hour). The feeder distributes the feed 20 metres, depending on the size of the feed. Applies to all silo types.

Exacty 12 - 412 is equipped with a spreading unit where a blade throws the feed. It can handle feed sizes from 2 - 13 mm. The feed is transported from the container to the spreading unit with an auger that throws the feed 20 metres. Spreading distance is adjustable.

The EX 12-412 has 3 types of spreading options: medium or soft rubber or a brush for smaller feeds.


All feeders can be controlled by the Poros electronic controller.
Poromatic IR uses a portable handheld terminal. The feed is pre-programmed and transmitted wirelessly to the control unit.
The following parameters are available: appetite, accumulated feeding of number of fish, average weight, total biomass, growth factor and feeding factor. Meal feeding is also possible. The parameters can also be programmed / changed using the Porom PC software, which transfers these to the handheld terminal via IR.

Poromatic is a simplified version of Poromatic IR, without wireless communication and many feeding options. The feeder is controlled using the keyboard on the control box. Two start and stop intervals per day are available.

When buying a Poro Feeder, choose a desired size of silo first, 1700 litres, 4000 liters or 6000 litres. Then choose a type of output you want EX or MW.
Then just choose the type of control, Poromatic or Poromatic IR (with IR hand terminal).

Poro's automatic feeders have proven their robust construction through several decades of use in Arctic waters, where they are daily put to the test by the forces of nature. The further north you go, the more popular these machines have been.

One can separate the Poro automatic dispensing system into two structurally, the one type of dispenser called EX is operated at 24VDC, and therefore does not need shore power to be used. Here there is a feed auger that screws the feed forward, and a "soft" rubber shovel that throws the feed into the cage in a V shape (up to 20m spreading length).

The second type of feeder is a brushless fan that blows the feed out in a V shape, hence the name MW (MiniWind).

The Poromatic control has proven itself over as many years as the machines themselves, control cards are supplied in two variants where one is operated by using push buttons on the display to enter the lining parameters, this one is easy to get used to.
The second variant Poromatic IR provides an opportunity to set up a more advanced feeding regime using tables, profiles, growth and meal feeding.

On the IR variant, you can use 10 different levels of complexity, so this too can be set up from a simple to advanced feeding regime for the more advanced. These parameters are programmed on an IR hand terminal and sent to the machine via the hand terminal when you are in the immediate vicinity of the machine.

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