MK-Tech develops and markets automatic feeders and control systems for feeding farmed fish. Our main activity is the customisation and delivery of Poro feeders.

We have broad knowledge and experience with the operation of breeding facilities in a number of areas, such as feeding, logging and control, lice removal and oxygen addition.

We carry out our own fabrication and assembly of equipment and test all deliveries in advance. We work closely with our customers when it comes to product development and innovation, and the customer is at the center with close follow-up over time.

We take on assignments in connection with the construction and building of cabinets, logging systems, mechanical and electromechanical solutions for a number of industries.

The company’s strength also lies in solid expertise and understanding the practical sides, within the development of robust and user-friendly solutions. Our core competence lies within mechanical and electronic engineering.

MK-Tech was founded by Morten Heggelund and Knut Grimstad in 2018. Both founders have more than 15 years of experience in developing products for fish farming.