MK-Tech introduces an innovative solution for underwater fish feeding, designed to optimize feeding processes, environmental considerations, and energy efficiency in sea-based facilities. Our system is available complete with new Poro feeders, or we can provide modifications to upgrade your existing feeders. The system is also adaptable to fit other brands and types of feeders.

Included in the system is a hose kit featuring our unique "octopus" spreader, supply hoses, as well as an efficient pump and injector. This setup ensures even and effective feed distribution, while also minimizing the spread of microplastics in the environment and reducing energy consumption compared to central feeding systems. Our solution is gentle on the feed and allows for feeding at deeper levels where fish are less susceptible to lice attacks.

Energy-efficient components further reduce operational costs and promote a more sustainable production process. We have already received positive feedback from marine facilities utilizing our system, noting significant improvements in operational efficiency and fish welfare. For more information, please contact us.

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